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Based in Orange County, I've spent over 3 years developing websites by day. By night I experiment with Linux based SBCs, researching embedded solutions to practical problems.

CMS Deployment

Many websites are launched with Shopify or Wordpress. My daily work includes theme development for these platforms, building with either minor tweaks or from the group up.


I am intimately familiar with HTML/CSS, Javascript, and PHP and have a strong grasp over Python and Golang. I'm learning React JS in my spare time.

Database Management

I've been working with MySQL for years, and have recently started using the time-series database InfluxDB.

Embedded Projects

I tinker with microcontrollers like the ESP-32/8266, and research SBCs for practical projects. I'm actively working on my edge computing / vehicle data aggregate MDroid.

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UC Irvine Bachelors in Computer Science (Spring 2018).

  • 5+ years working in self-taught web development.
  • 3+ years web developing and Analytics management with the incredible SEO team SearchMarketers
  • 4+ years deploying, managing, and maintaining web servers.
  • 2+ years experimenting with computer hardware, primarily Linux based SBCs for embedded development.
  • Wrote a mod Installer for Minecraft, serving millions of downloads since 2011

I love computers, coffee, and cars.


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