Hi! I'm Quinn Casey. I create websites and intelligent automotive software.

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I am a Software Developer with over 3 years of experience in full stack development. I design scalable REST APIs, low volume relational / time series databases, and websites on CMS platforms.

I’ve had a web server since I was 15 and now experiment with Linux based boards for my car.

While my professional work is centered around the web, I am proficient in many development stacks including Javascript, Go, and Python.

I actively utilize my own embedded projects, and love to adapt and contribute to others’.

I am looking for a position where my broad skillset and eagerness to learn will be a strong asset to an agile team.


Selected Works


Golang, React Native

MDroid provides an extensible base for low power, always-on LTE control of non-critical systems. I started this project to bring my car's tech up to the current decade.

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I wrote a serial interface for the proprietary BMW KBus. It decodes incoming frames and handles write timing. Along with a full REST API, it's an all-in-one solution to hacking the KBus.

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Golang, React Native

AirPhoto is an Android app and Golang server for shared iCloud streams. It parses Apple's binary plist data, then organizes the Albums, Photos, and Comments into queryable chunks.

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Fish Monitor

PHP, C++

An ESP-32 programmed to dynamically fetch, cache and distribute a fish tank's temperature and lighting status. A PHP webpage provides control and alerts me on Slack if the temperature becomes unsafe.

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AeroGarden App

React Native, Typescript

A guerilla redesign of AeroGarden's WiFi app, written in React Native for simple portability to both Android and iOS. I built it with a clean but functional aesthetic that strongly represents the premium brand.

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A relatively simple Go Module for interfacing with Drok branded PSUs over UART. Abstracts reading and writing voltages, currents, and states. It utilizes a fully featured serial IO writer found in many similar Go projects.

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My Process

Research and Development


I collaborate with those involved, making a list of requirements for the project. Asking questions early sets expectations and saves work down the line.


I believe in finding the best tool for the job, not always what I'm most comfortable with. Finding libraries and modules ensures we don't do the same work twice.


I create an initial breakdown of deliverables that satisfy the requirements, which helps prioritize work and keeps maintenance low.


I write out structures for each component, adding features after each full test of the product. Catching mistakes or changes is easiest early in development.


I keep front end development in lockstep with any backend, making progress clearly visible. Clients often have direction adjustments I'm happy to accomodate.


I approach each new project with what I've learned from the last. I'm continiously learning and making things better than before.