Rosemary is my favorite shrub turned culinary herb because it is:

  1. Very common in dry coastal regions like California, Portugal, and Croatia.
  2. Often used in public area landscaping.
  3. Delicious.

Rather than let landscaping crews have all the fun, one could trim this rosemary if they made a dish that requires the herb. So here I am showcasing public breadworthy bushes.

When cutting rosemary for cooking, remember what makes you a unique human and grab the oily upright ones. Most landscaped rosemary crawls and is less aromatic (but still edible).

This project is inspired by Where Rosemary Is (Victoria, BC Canada) and the Stanford Gleaning Project.

So far I’ve stumbled on 56 rosemary bushes.


⬇ Download .KML of rosemary sightings


Eventually, I intend to publish these locations to OpenStreetMap.

“Hey Siri, give me directions to a nearby rosemary bush” is something we all need.

Bush Pics