Project Code

Quinn’s Website

Most of the code for my website is a splintery messy weave, with more unused baggage than an LV boutique. Although there are some snippets that may be useful. Please don’t take this site in its entirety.


Hugo webpersons may find these portable snippets interesting:



My site is a collection of “notes”, rendered from my actual ~/Documents folder from my laptop/phone. It’s critical I keep >90% of these notes private. There are a few stopgaps that ensure nothing gets leaked:

  1. Sparse checkout when automatically building the site, only checking out folders I publish in.
  2. Manually defining Hugo mounts, ensuring only specific folders get accessed as content.
  3. IsNotePublic.html checks a note has the public: true yaml header before rendering (hides private notes in a public directory).


The Hugo theme is based on hugo-theme-novela, although has been heavily modified.