I try to self-host nearly all the software and services I regularly use. This includes web servers, CI/CD, game streams, matrix chat bridges, MacOS VMs, and much more.

Not only do I decide what to run, but self-hosting diminishes the impact of lock-ins, privacy breaches, and rising cloud hosting costs. Plus it’s cheaper than you might think.

Homelabbing an incredible learning tool as well. By trudging through errors, minimizing downtime, and managing complexity you learn to operate a linux server that’s entirely your own.

Must evolve.

Abathur, Starcraft II


Grafana dashboard with gauges showing disk performance.

System Hardware

This retired gaming PC now runs Proxmox, mainly because of its price tag but also for its reputation as an excellent virtualization host. It solves some headaches out if the box, like the source of LTT’s most recent data loss. I could not recommend it more for your homelab, especially after a few tweaks:


The following is a list of software I run on my homelab, by category:


Personal Cloud

MacOS Catalina OpenCore VM

Put together using this great guide by Nicholas Sherlock. It runs MacOS specific tools I need regularly:

Analytics VM

Volumio Music player VM

Windows 10 Gaming

I regularly watch these lists for new services to self host:

Regular Tasks

These aren’t applications, just things I have the server do regularly: