Google Camera and its unholy ports have an option to “Save Location” for photos taken with the app. This adds GPS coordinates to the photo’s EXIF data, making it easier to generate albums by Place.

Save Location toggled

On LineageOS and GrapheneOS this coordinate saving likely won’t work on a fresh install. GCam requires Google Services Framework to start, but uses Google Play Services for location.

Google Play Services is probably missing the Location permission “Allow all the time”

If you have Google Play Services installed (sandboxed or otherwise), go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > Permissions > Location and ensure the permission is Allowed all the time.

Location Permission now allowed All the Time

I’d you’re using MicroG, do the same with the MicroG app.

Your photos should now be saved with location data included.

There’s likely a good reason why, but on these aftermarket ROMs GPlay Services is not given background location permissions by default. 🤷