BMW Control Center

Modernizing my 2005 BMW by adding oodles of connectivity and custom electronics.

go-rss-box: generate a private RSS feed from the newsletters in your inbox

Essentially my own implementation of Kill the Newsletter.

GoKBus - BMW Serial Data in Go

Go KBus is a golang module designed to interface with the BMW I/K Bus. It can be used to write, read, and interpret serial commands on this particular wire. It's loosely based on ezeakeal's excellent pyBus.

Drok PSU in Go

Go module for Drok branded PSUs. Abstracts reading and writing voltages, currents, and states. It utilizes a fully featured serial IO writer found in many similar Go projects.

AirPhoto: Initial iCloud Photos port on Android

AirPhoto is an Android app and Golang server for shared iCloud streams. It parses Apple's binary plist data, then organizes the Albums, Photos, and Comments into queryable chunks.