Project Code 27

Salient Startpage


A startpage with light/dark mode, automatic favicons per site, and retained search bar focus.

For the latter Chromium new tab focus / custom new tab page, you’ll want these chromium patches. A little advanced, but worth it!

This is compatible with Homer, you can copy/paste your sites/urls/icons from there to config.yaml.

The startpage itself can be rendered to an .html file with a directory of images.

Run with Docker

Clone, build, and run the container:

git clone && cd SalientStartpage
docker build -t salient-startpage .
docker run -p 8080:80 --name salient-startpage salient-startpage

Just want the HTML/CSS? Keep the container running like above, and copy the files out:

docker cp $(docker ps -aqf "name=salient-startpage"):/usr/share/nginx/html ./public

You should be able to point a browser to ./public


Rebuild the container above after making changes to config.yml. The docker build step will fetch favicons to the bookmarks you define, and use Hugo to render the final version of your startpage.