I have consumed 32.38% of my time on Earth (out of 80 years).

How did I spend this month?


I wanna be happy like when I find a Starburst that's colored pink
And then I find myself feelin' like the colors in between
Colors, Aminé


Top 5 Artists

  1. Aminé (37 listens)
  2. Glass Animals (33 listens)
  3. Doja Cat (29 listens)
  4. Norah Jones (27 listens)
  5. UPSAHL feat. Two Feet (17 listens)

Top Songs

  1. Colors Aminé (27 listens)
  2. Little More Love AJ Tracey (17 listens)
  3. Drugs UPSAHL feat. Two Feet (17 listens)
  4. Get Into It (Yuh) Doja Cat (16 listens)
  5. Yoko Oh No Adam Jensen (11 listens)


I traveled 1345 miles (2164 km) this month (-55%). This was divided into:

I found 0 rosemary bushes.