I have consumed 32.3% of my time on Earth (out of 80 years).

How did I spend this month?


I ain't give you nothin' you could come for, shawty
I got plenty things you make a run for, shawty
Get Into It (Yuh), Doja Cat


Top 5 Artists

  1. Doja Cat (73 listens)
  2. Men I Trust (66 listens)
  3. Two Feet (39 listens)
  4. Glass Animals (37 listens)
  5. L’Impératrice (30 listens)

Top Songs

  1. Get Into It (Yuh) Doja Cat (30 listens)
  2. She’s My Collar Gorillaz feat. Kali Uchis (26 listens)
  3. Woman Doja Cat (22 listens)
  4. Radar Whethan feat. HONNE (21 listens)
  5. Kiss Me More Doja Cat feat. SZA (18 listens)


I traveled 2970 miles (4779 km) this month (-8%). This was divided into:

I found 2 rosemary bushes.