Project Code

Update July 2023

Update July 2023

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The Challenge

Although the Mobile App currently used by AeroGarden is functional, it’s looking both dated and crowded for 2020. It’s locked in landscape orientation dampening the experience of any phone user. The home screen is crowded by underutilized features such as the drainage button, and the “GoTo” buttons which to do nothing at all (presumably, this works on multiple gardens).

Reverse Engineering

With the help of the fantastic toolkit UIKitten, I was able to design a simpler, more modern implementation of this App. (Un)fortunately, all the stock app’s HTTP requests are made in plain text, and it was virtually no trouble at all to reverse engineer the REST API used by AeroGarden for my own personal uses.

For legal reasons, I won’t be publishing the API.

The React Native app implements Redux for state management, Axios for the API requests, and several base components from UI Kitten. Besides a missing Login / Create Account route, this app is completely functional on an AeroGarden Bounty.

I took inspiration from Gibeom Lee’s Portfolio - Sprout.