Home Raspberry Pi Setup

I’ve had a Raspberry Pi set up in my apartment for the longest time now, and this little guy has done a little bit of everything. Last year I had it controlling the lights in my room – both manually and through motion sensors. In that particular setup I had temperature sensors set up as well. Finally, I was also was using it to ping sites I had a passing interest in.

Now though, it’s primarily doing three things:

  1. Running PiHole, stopping ads and tracking scripts on a network level
  2. Running SeaFile, a self-hosted Dropbox clone
  3. Running Plex, managing my movie / tv show collection

Here are some pics of the setup:

I’ll go into marginally more detail below.

1. PiHole

The PiHole install has been both the easiest and most useful install I’ve done. They provide one line of code to run the installation with (granted, you’re piping whatever is on the other line of that cURL straight to bash). All that was left for me to do was point my router’s DNS servers to my raspberry pi – and voila! ALL devices on my network are now bouncing ads at the door.

2. Seafile

If you have the funds to drop Dropbox, I’d highly recommend it. Did you read that right? Yes, you’ll be paying more to quit the subscription service – at least initially. Dropbox’s plans aren’t that expensive, but I figured I could do better. I picked up x2 2TB HDDs off eBay [~$100] as well as a pair of powered USB enclosures to house them in.

One of these drives is labeled as “Backups”, and it’s not at all what you’d expect. It’s holding the image files / full disk backups of nearly every device I own, from my Hackintosh to my phone to the server that gracefully showed you this post. This also contains regular backups of my “FileServer” drive.

The aforementioned HDD contains my movie and TV show collection, as well as the data files managed by SeaFile

3. Plex

Last but not least is a very simple setup of Plex Media Server, which I’ve shown in a screenshot below. As of writing this I have nearly a TB of media stored up, and I try to add something new to watch each week.