Crystal Clear Web Development

I am a full stack developer for all things on the web. Based in Orange County, California – I’ve worked with some of the best and brightest folks in the industry. I love computers, coffee, and cars.

What I’m doing every day

Website Design

Of all kinds. Anything from minor style changes to building from the ground up.

Database Admin

Handling critical lead and data storage. Database creation, management, and optimizations.


Statistically speaking, your site is slow. I can fix that.

Platform Management

Be it WordPress, Shopify, or anything in-between. I can create new plugins, theme edits, or launch your site on a platform you love.

Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics, running various A/B testing, working with Marketing teams

Custom Coding

Any miscellaneous dev work you might need – large or small! I charge hourly in 15min increments.

Relevant Skills


HTML, CSS, & Javascript
PHP, SQL, & Python
C, C++, Java
Photoshop, Illustrator


UC Irvine Bachelors in Computer Science (Spring 2018).

Experienced with Linux systems, deployment and maintenance of LA/EMP Stack, web management platforms, and several CMS Platforms. I’m learning React JS and working with microcomputers my spare time.



Some of the highlights of the last few years